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Scopis® Augmented Reality

Endoscopic image overlay of preoperatively defined anatomic structures

Scopis® Augmented Reality is a modular extension of the Scopis® Navigation.

Scopis® Augmented Reality - Navigation Points
Scopis® Augmented Reality - Navigation Points
Scopis® Augmented Reality - Target Path

Augmented Reality for the first time makes it possible to show planning information together with distance information directly on top of the endoscopic video. In case of revision surgery, virtual planning marks can substitute missing anatomic land marks and thereby improve the orientation in the operation situs.


  • More safety by projecting planning information directly into the endoscopic video image
  • Uninterrupted navigation with distance information to planned target structures
  • Possibility to fix further anatomic target points during operation
  • Precise localization of anatomic structures with additional navigated instruments
  • Augmented Reality technology can be disabled and enabled easily – even intraoperatively – by attaching en endoscopic adapter

Planning and visualization includes

  • Planning marks
  • 3D planning structures
  • Target pathes and
  • Osteotomy lines

Around the planning marks and 3D planning structures, an alarm zone can be defined, so that the surgeon is warned visually and acoustically when approaching this mark or structure.