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Scopis® Hybrid Navigation

As the first interdisciplinary navigation platform the Scopis® Hybrid Navigation unifies optical and electromagnetic measurement technologies in one system.

Scopis® Hybrid Navigation - Optical and electromagnetic measurement technology.

In this way the Scopis® Hybrid Navigation system enables surgeons to decide on the basis of indications which technology suits the particularprocedure better and gives it the best possible support. It is possible to use both technologiesin the course of one procedure.

Both the optical and the electromagnetic technologies offer continuous endoscope navigation with the special “Augmented Reality” function. This makes planning data directly visible on the endoscope image.

A special landing and alarm system (ILS) ensures safe and quick navigation to anatomic targets before and during operations. Deviations from the path and approaches to critical anatomic structures are signaled acoustically and visually.

Compared to conventional navigation systems Scopis with the Hybrid Navigation System and Augmented Reality offers new concepts and solutions for existing clinical problems.


Scopis® Hybrid Navigation - Integrable into endoscopy tower and OR-infrastructure


  • Combination of optical and electromagnetic measurement technology
  • Switch of technology as required during operation
  • Augmented Reality function visualizes planning data on the endoscope image 
  • Interdisciplinary use in ENT, CMF and neurosurgery