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TGS* - Target Guided Surgery

"The next step in image guided surgery"

Scopis TGS* is a next-generation solution for navigated Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS) that offers surgeons highly advanced image guidance and visualization capabilities in a single system.
TGS* is based on Building Blocks®* planning software, developed with Professor Peter J. Wormald (Adelaide, Australia) and a worldwide network of leading key opinion leaders in ENT. This solution allows the analysis and identifi cation of sinus cells in the complex patient anatomy and planning of the natural drainage pathways through the sinus cavity.
During surgery, the planned pathways are overlaid in real-time onto the endoscopic image providing the surgeon with unique Scopis® Augmented Reality (AR)* technology. A special instrument guidance and alarm system assists the surgeon to guide his endoscopic instruments on the pathways directly to the targets. Guidance of endoscopic instruments may help assist the surgeon to perform a more minimally
invasive, accurate and selective surgery.

TGS* allows the surgeon to:

  • Analyze the 3D anatomy using the Building Blocks® planning
  • Plan sinus drainage pathways and target anatomy
  • View surgical plans overlaid onto the endoscopic image with Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Guide navigated instruments along planned pathways to targets
  • Supports balloon sinuplasty by assisting balloon guidance along the natural drainage pathway   


Hybrid Navigation

  • TGS*-Target Guided Surgery
  • Malleable instruments
  • Integrates into most endoscopic towers
  • Patient registration typically in under ninety seconds
  • Intuitive workflowCompatible with most debrider systems
  • HD-DocumentationData import via USB, CD/DVD or PACS    


Available as: 

  • Hybrid Navigation System, optical and electromagnetic*
  • Hybrid Navigation System, optical*
  • Hybrid Navigation System, EM 

EM Instruments


  • Registration Pointer*
  • Precision Pointer, malleable  



Suction Tubes

  • Frazier Suction*, malleable
  • Eiken Suction*, malleable   



Malleable instruments

Scopis malleable instruments have an integrated sensor in the tip.
Sensors in suction tubes are located externally to aid
the flow and reduce clogging.
Instrument shape can be manually adjusted by the
surgeon without the need of further calibration.   


Universal Guide Wire*

Universal size for different balloon sinuplasty systems. 

Debrider Adapters*

For debriders with diameters from 3-5 mm.  

Endoscope Tracking*

  • Calibration body*
  • Endoscope tracker*     



Universal Tracker*


Allows navigation of a variety of typical FESS instruments in combination with the instrument adapter system*.   


Instrument Adapters*

  • Instrument clamp, ø 2-6 mm*
  • Instrument clamp, ø 6-10 mm*
  • Instrument clamp, ø 10-16 mm*
  • Instrument clamp, forceps*  



Patient tracker


Attached to the head with an adhesive tape. 

Field Generator Mounting

  • Universal articulating arm
  • Headrest*  



* Please note that the systems and instruments marked with "*" are not FDA cleared and not available for commercial sale  in the USA.